The Magic Story Podcast

The Magic Story Podcast is a podcast dedicated to the lore of Magic: The Gathering and its Multiverse. Whether you have been playing Magic for years or just discovered it yesterday, the podcast is intended to be a fun, easy-to-grok entry point to dive deeper into the various characters, settings, and stories that make up Magic: The Gathering.

00:56:16 2023-03-13
At long last, Teferi meets Urza in the past to unlock the mystery of the sylex. But Planeswalker Nissa must rally Dominaria to save itself against the Phyrexians. 
01:01:44 2023-03-13
Trench warfare batters the landscape of Dominaria. Meanwhile, Planeswalker Elspeth defends Urza's Tower against the Phyrexian threat.
01:04:42 2023-03-13
In the past, war finally comes to the city of Kroog. In the present, Planeswalker Tezzeret contemplates his Phyrexian overlord. 
00:59:41 2023-03-13
Queen Kayla bin-Kroog discovers the spark needed to keep herself, and her people, alive during the Ice Age. But for Planeswalkers Kaya and Saheeli, they realize the mysteries of time are not so easy to crack. 
00:41:33 2023-03-13
Welcome to the Season 2 premier as we unravel the mysteries of The Brothers' War. In this episode, Queen Kayla bin-Kroog struggles to keep her people alive in the aftermath of the cataclysm. Meanwhile, Teferi regroups with other Planeswalkers in ...
00:44:56 2023-03-13
Karn and his Planeswalker allies face off against Sheoldred's forces on the Mana Rig. 
00:37:05 2023-03-13
Dominaria begins to witness the might of the Phyrexian threat.
00:27:26 2023-03-13
Enemies are within and without for Karn and his Planeswalker friends, trapped inside the New Argive watchtower.
00:37:04 2023-03-13
In this episode, Karn tries to warn all of Dominaria of impending doom. 
00:31:18 2023-03-13
Join us for the return of The Magic Story Podcast as we dive into Dominaria United. The Planeswalker Karn searches for the secrets of the sylex in the caves of Dominaria.
00:33:54 2018-05-17
In Part 5 of 5 of a series on Dominaria, Kelly and Ethan look at the history of the Cabal, the evil that is spreading throughout Dominaria.
00:30:49 2018-05-10
In Part 4 of 5 of a series on Dominaria, Kelly and Ethan explore the angelic religion inspired by the Planeswalker Serra.
00:27:10 2018-05-03
In Part 3 of 5 of a series on Dominaria, Kelly and Ethan talk about the event that changed the multiverse.
00:33:07 2018-04-25
In Part 2 of 5 of a series on Dominaria, Kelly and Ethan go deep into the geography of Dominaria.
00:39:05 2018-04-19
Kelly and Ethan know everything about Dominaria lore. In Part 1 of 5, they share what Dominaria looks like now.
00:13:48 2018-02-14
Doug introduces Martha Wells, author of the upcoming Dominaria entries for Magic Story!
00:19:07 2017-08-30
Blake and Alison spent the last four weeks talking about Commander (2017 Edition), but they're switching gears to prepare for Ixalan.
00:18:59 2017-08-23
This week, Blake and Alison talk about the most temperamental tribe in Commander (2017 Edition)—Cats!
00:27:54 2017-08-16
Blake and Alison sit down to chat about the most iconic tribe in Commander (2017 Edition)—Dragons!
00:17:29 2017-08-09
Blake and Alison continue exploring the tribes of Commander (2017 Edition), this week focusing on Wizards!
00:23:11 2017-08-02
In the first of four podcasts about Commander (2017 Edition), Alison shares all she can about Magic's Vampires.
00:34:25 2017-05-24
Blake sits down with Alison Luhrs and Kelly Digges to answer a slew of fan questions.
00:20:10 2017-03-22
Mark Winters stops by to talk about illustrating a world in revolt and details you might have missed in the art of Aether Revolt.
00:25:22 2017-03-15
This week, Blake is joined by Ari Levitch to talk about building Kaladesh and shaking things up with Aether Revolt.
00:20:36 2017-03-08
Yahenni's creator, Alison Luhrs, joins Blake to discuss her contributions and feelings toward Magic's story.
00:27:24 2017-02-22
This week, Blake is joined by Mel Li to talk about real-world inspirations for Kaladesh block, what makes Rashmi tick, cosplaying, and more!
00:17:43 2017-02-15
This week, the Magic Story Podcast sits down with writer extraordinaire James Wyatt!
00:30:42 2017-02-08
Blake sat down with Doug Beyer to learn all about Magic's creative process.