5: GaTa on Positivity, Acting, and Bipolar Disorder

Welcome to Episode 5 of The Madhappy Podcast. Today we are happy to welcome rapper and actor GaTa to hear more about his experiences with bipolar disorder as a child growing up in South Central and coming up in the entertainment industry.  GaTa speaks on his experience recording the hit show DAVE and how it felt to share a part of his mental health story in the hype-man episode (04:20) before he touches on the benefits of reflection and Peiman talks about the importance of embracing both the good and bad days while trying to see the positive side of situations (11:10).  Mason and GaTa connect about their shared experience growing up, not knowing one of their biological parents (14:17) and we discuss how personal connection and vulnerable storytelling helps others feel less alone (22:59).  We talk about what’s next for GaTa and how he sees his relationship with his mental health evolving (24:27). GaTa finishes up by speaking a bit about season 2 of DAVE (30:30) and sharing what makes him Madhappy (33:02).  We talk about some serious topics on this show. We are not professionals and are not giving advice. If you or someone you know needs help, please text start to 741741 and for additional resources please visit LocalOptimist.com/Get-Help The Madhappy Podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not a replacement for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  Follow us: @Madhappy | @LocalOptimist Visit us: Madhappy.com | LocalOptimist.com

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