49: Josh Richards on Mental Health, Social Media, and Change

Welcome to Episode 49 of The Madhappy Podcast. This week we are excited to welcome content creator and entrepreneur Josh Richards onto the show to learn more about his mental health journey prior and throughout his rise in the public eye. We kick off the episode as Josh shares how he got his start in the social media space (2:37), before Mason and Peiman ask Josh about his transition from living in Canada with family to moving out to LA to live with creators (7:26). The group discusses the pressures that Josh has faced by having a camera on his every move throughout his rise in fame (12:38) and the ups and the downs that came with living in Sway House (15:44). Josh touches on his first conscious mental health experience (23:56), sharing recent ways he has worked to prioritize himself and his well-being (25:19), before we wrap up learning what’s next for Josh on a personal (36:57) and professional level (38:58). We talk about some serious topics on this show. We are not professionals and are not giving advice. If you or someone you know needs help, please text start to 741741 and for additional resources please visit LocalOptimist.com/Get-Help The Madhappy Podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not a replacement for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Follow us: @Madhappy | @LocalOptimist Visit us: Madhappy.com | LocalOptimist.com

by The Madhappy Podcast