4: Dixie D'Amelio on Depression, Internet Fame, and Self-Care

Welcome to Episode 4 of The Madhappy Podcast. This week, we welcome creator, singer, and entrepreneur Dixie D’Amelio onto the show to learn more about her experiences with mental health as she has transitioned from a high schooler in Connecticut to a global star.  We begin by talking about Dixie’s childhood goals and staying true to herself on and offline since her rise to fame (2:37). Dixie shares her first impression of TikTok and her relationship with Charli (11:03). We discuss Dixie’s experiences with mental health, depression, and anxiety in her early years of high school (14:23), before Mason discusses his own experience with depression and how realizing that he could not compare his struggles to his peers, tremendously helped his mental health (16:46).  Peiman talks about how mental health is a spectrum, before Dixie opens up about how the internet and relationships helped her take control and spend time to better herself, both mentally and physically (28:12). Dixie shares how she and her boyfriend have handled presenting their relationship online (38:11) and shares her advice to the listener before wrapping up (43:09). We talk about some serious topics on this show. We are not professionals and are not giving advice. If you or someone you know needs help, please text start to 741741 and for additional resources please visit LocalOptimist.com/Get-Help The Madhappy Podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not a replacement for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  Follow us: @Madhappy | @LocalOptimist Visit us: Madhappy.com | LocalOptimist.com

by The Madhappy Podcast