3: Eric Nam on Anxiety, K-Pop, and Identity

Welcome to Episode 3 of The Madhappy Podcast. This week we spoke with Eric Nam about his mental health and global experiences as an Asian-American Singer, Songwriter and Entrepreneur. We kick it off by jumping into a conversation about Eric’s podcast and his journey through the podcasting world (02:45).  Mason shares about his sobriety anniversary (04:10) as we move into a discussion about Eric’s childhood in Atlanta and how he transitioned from going to college in Boston to becoming a singer/songwriter (06:41). Next, Eric discusses the start of his music career in Korea, before talking about his experiences with anxiety and panic attacks (16:24). Eric sheds light on the fact that mental health in Korea is under-discussed (21:19), which in part, pushed him to start his company MINDSET to create a safe space to talk about mental health.  Eric and Peiman discuss the developments of their identity (25:31) and how people should not feel as though they need to hide who they are to fit in.  Before wrapping up, Eric shares one K-Pop misconception (39:02) and one tip he has for Podcasters (40:32). Check out Eric Nam's MINDSET! We talk about some serious topics on this show. We are not professionals and are not giving advice. If you or someone you know needs help, please text start to 741741 and for additional resources please visit LocalOptimist.com/Get-Help The Madhappy Podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not a replacement for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  Follow us: @Madhappy | @LocalOptimist Visit us: Madhappy.com | LocalOptimist.com

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