What country is the cheapest to buy luxury & How to get the VAT tax back? | The luxury investment podcast EP. 6

Welcome back to the luxury investment podcast by Currently Carter. Thank you so much for listening or watching. If you are watching on my YouTube channel, I video all of my episodes there. If you are video inclined Now, today's episode is coming as a request from my Instagram, which of course you can find in the links down below.  I have an amazing community that we chat all about luxury investments and how to make your closet into a portfolio. So this episode today comes from a request in my dm´s to make a specific episode just for this subject. And that subject is investment jewelry.  Today's episode is a great one. It is one of my most common asked questions every time I travel. If you don't follow me on Instagram, I travel quite a bit. I love traveling and I vlog whenever I travel and I put them on my stories and my YouTube and every time I travel and I shop, I get this question. What is the best country to buy luxury goods in and how do you get the tax back? For more about this subject please listen or watch this episode! I Hope you enjoy it!