Sales Associate Secrets: Spilling all the tea with @cavinselects PART 1

Welcome to the luxury investment podcast by Currently Carter. Today’s episode is gonna be a good one. WE ARE HAVING AN INTERVIEW WITH ONE OF MY SALES ASSOCIATES. We have Chase Cavin from @cavinselects! He is a Luxury Sales Associate with incredible and width experience on deals and selling luxury stuff! He’s Giving us insights on What is an SA and why it is so important for you to develop a relationship  with them in order to make yourself able to get Luxury items and someone you can trust your investment. In this episode he is going to be answering the following questions: 1. What can a SA do for you as a buyer? 2. How luxury sales actually work? 3. How to get seen quickly when trying to buy from an instagram SA. 4. What is a day in the life of an SA? 5. What would be considered the best practices when trying to develop a relationship with a new SA? 6. How do commotions work in general for stores vs. Boutiques? 7. Cavin´s favorite things clients do and the importance of Kindness when reaching an SA 8. What is the best deal you’ve seen? And many more in order for you to develop your own way to gain an SA´s confidence. At the end of the day all that matters is that they are here for us to help us get the best out of our investments! Listen to this episode for more information about Developing your relationship with your SA and THE BEST BUYING TIPS WITH @cavinselects !!!