How to score an Hermès bag

Welcome to the luxury investment podcast by Currently Carter.  Today’s episode is gonna be a good one: HERMÈS; WHAT IS THE DEAL ON HOW TO GET A BAG?.  This is one of the most asked questions on my instagram where I have a great community and that is because Hermès inherently is probably the pinnacle as far as investment value bags that you can buy. In the last episode we talked about Hermès bags being the poster child to this concept of buying something that immediately appreciates in value right when you walk out the store and that is because they don’t sell you more than two items a year in one boutique and you have to get offered one. This is their whole marketing strategy, having quota bags and making them "hard to get". We automatticly associate something that is hard to get as something more valuable. This gives us an idea on why developing a good relationship with your asset is important in order to gain confidence and be able to score an Hermès Bag. We are talking about increasing your chances on how to get offered a bag from an asset. What kind of strategies we can approach in order to gain your assets confidence so they trust you enough to be offered the best items on Hermès.  We also discuss about the different approaches we need to take when trying to score a bag.  There’s three overall strategies that you can use to get offered a bag 1. The local store 2. The lucky brake 3. The really really lucky brake And more strategies in order to find yourself in the situation of getting offered a bag. We are answering questions like: 1. How to score a bag from your local store? 2. How to get lucky and score a bag? 3. How to score a bag from Paris? Listen to this podcast for more information about how to score an Hermès bag.