How to make your closet into a investment portfolio: What is investment shopping? | What is a luxury asset?

All things investment Shopping! Welcome to the luxury investment podcast with your host Currently Carter. In this episode we are doing 2 of my most common asked questions. This questions are:  What is investment shopping? What is an asset? Investing shopping is about spending your money in something that is going to retain it's value. We talk about the importance of inflation in the value of goods and Luxury investment. We compare the prices of different luxury products or assets that retain or increase their value along the time. This helps us to understand how a Chanel product (mostly bags) can get to increase it's value in an estimate of 20% every year.  So this podcast is all about this topics and learning about the value of different goods and how you can make money with shopping.  Join me to learn more about investment and what kind of goods you should be spending your money in!