Are Luxury Watches Really a Good Investment? Luxury Jewelry? | The luxury Investment Podcast Ep 5. 2022

Welcome back to the luxury investment podcast by Currently Carter. Thank you so much for listening or watching. If you are watching on my YouTube channel, I video all of my episodes there. If you are video inclined Now, today's episode is coming as a request from my Instagram, which of course you can find in the links down below. I have an amazing community that we chat all about luxury investments and how to make your closet into a portfolio. So this episode today comes from a request in my DMS to make a specific episode just for this subject. And that subject is investment jewelry. Is it worth it? What's the difference? What's costume jewelry vs. fine jewelry? And then we're going to get into a bit of watches of what's an investment watch and how to get one. What is an investment jewelry piece? To answer that question, we really have to define two categories costume jewelry and fine jewelry. Most of the time when you're talking about fashion houses, they do have both for let's take Chanel, for example. They have costume jewelry and then they have a fine jewelry department. They're fine Jewelry is much less popular than their costume jewelry. And it's not available in as many boutiques, for example. But it does exist. When you're talking about fine jewelry, you're talking about precious metals, gold, 24K gold, 18K gold, silver and stones, precious stones. And the on the opposite side of the spectrum, you have costume jewelry or fashion jewelry, which is most of the time low in metals that are coated with maybe a 24K gold, or they're coated with just a base metal in general. For more about this subject please listen or watch this episode! I Hope you enjoy it! FOLLOW HERE FOR MORE CURRENTLY CARTER CONTENT: 🙌🏻❤️ YOUTUBE: 🙌🏻❤️ INSTAGRAM: 🙌🏻❤️ TIKTOK: 🙌🏻❤️ Podcast: