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04:12:29 2019-10-06
Updating America… Dear #QueenElizabethII and @Jack Dorsey’s Twitter, Even Andrew Yang Was Fooled, We Are Taking Back Our #Republic and #Democracy, How @realDonaldTrump is #UnCorrupting The #Monarchy And The World By Investigating Russia-Ukraine War Cr...
00:22:29 2019-09-03
Combined with a Definite Chief Aim and many things are possible.
00:42:21 2019-09-02
Wrapping up Accurate Thought.
00:59:37 2019-09-02
Got almost to the end. Ep. 62 will have the final few pages. Plus a chapter from Think and Grow Rich.
00:59:18 2019-09-01
Accurate thought takes work.
00:22:59 2019-08-29
Thinking accurately allows you to make the right decisions toward your aim.
00:15:24 2019-08-29
Autosuggestion leads to self-control.
00:58:18 2019-08-29
One of the most valuable principles to success.
00:59:24 2019-08-29
Self control has far reaching effects...
00:14:29 2019-08-28
Are intolerance, greed, revenge, egotism, suspicion, and jealousy chasing you with your own brain?
00:56:30 2019-08-28
It’s about much more than it seems.
00:58:08 2019-08-28
Create enthusiasm from within with Mind stimuli!
00:59:51 2019-08-28
Enthusiasm can affect your faith and others faith in you. Create it!
00:10:09 2019-08-27
You can control your enthusiasm.
00:13:53 2019-08-26
Enthusiasm can be difficult to control, but habits and autosuggestion can make a world of difference.
00:23:29 2019-08-25
This weeks summary.
00:28:59 2019-08-24
This week has been about positive mental attitude and I’ve struggled with it a lot. Thanks for going on this journey with me.
00:57:55 2019-08-24
The perfect lesson for my own negative mental attitude. The first 10 minutes are rough, but show the true me during frustration. I’m working on it through this podcast.
00:59:31 2019-08-21
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, bearing in mind the fact that human nature has a tendency to retaliate in kind.
00:15:44 2019-08-20
Tomorrow will be the Golden Rule in the Law of Success.
00:10:54 2019-08-19
It takes effort to construct. It won’t happen on its own.
00:31:03 2019-08-18
Initiative and Leadership starts with persistence.
00:20:34 2019-08-16
Initiative and Leadership requires Persistence. This week is Initiative. 
00:59:59 2019-08-15
Tomorrow is persistence in Think and Grow Rich
00:59:59 2019-08-14
Going deep into Initiative and leadership.
00:10:13 2019-08-13
Join us tomorrow for Initiative and Leadership our of Law of Success.
00:11:33 2019-08-12
Everything in life worth doing requires initiative.
00:12:47 2019-08-11
Learn and grow thru curiosity to serve others and you will always have success, even through adversity and defeat.
00:41:17 2019-08-10
The habit of doing more than paid for is crucial in planning your services.
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