The History of Exploration

A podcast telling the story of history's great explorers, from the early classical voyages of exploration to modern times.

47:19 2017-05-05
In this episode, we look at the life of historian Polybius, a mediocre explorer who nonetheless, by virtue of being in the right place at the right time, stood at a pivotal moment in the history of exploration, becoming responsible for uniting the explora...
42:23 2017-02-25
In this episode, we take a short step back in time and look at the invention of the academic discipline of geography by Eratosthenes of Cyrene, and the effects which a more ordered understanding of the world had on ancient Mediterranean perceptions of it....
22:05:59 2017-01-07
In this episode, we take a look at the fascinating life and adventures of Eudoxus of Cyzicus, one of the most colourful figures of the ancient world, and attempt to disentangle fact from fiction where possible.    Listener Derrick Adams' Sasquatch Itch...
55:10 2016-11-21
In this episode, we look at the first decades of Hellenistic exploration in the North, South and West of the Mediterranean, from the northern Caspian sea to south Sudan. We revisit a few previously-mentioned locations, witness the precursors to the true ...
35:25 2016-10-16
In this episode, we look at the brief and abortive Greek attempts to explore and circumnavitage the Arabian coast, with a particular focus on the island of Tylos, its wonderful flora, and its mysterious people. 
52:52 2016-09-12
In this last part of our 4-part series looking at Nearchus' adventures in India and the Indian Ocean, we follow the navigator and his fleet along the coast of Gedrosia as he meets with near-disaster on more than one occasion, and finally arrives to meet A...
54:45 2016-08-01
In this episode, we follow Nearchus and his fleet as they brave the Southeastern monsoon and cope with dwindling water reserves to make their way through the Indus River delta and into the Indian ocean, where they rendezvous with Leonnatus. We also see th...
44:36 2016-07-03
In this second part covering Alexander and Nearchus' travels into India, we follow Alexander's army and fleet as it sails down the Indus' tributaries to finally reach the great river itself, sweeping aside all opposition in its path. In addition, we intro...
51:12 2016-06-05
In this episode, I introduce Nearchus' early life and voyage with Alexander's troops into India, and look at the various exchanges which took place between the Meditteranean world and the Indian subcontinent as a result of Alexander's military forays. The...
42:42 2016-05-07
In this episode, we follow the second half of Pytheas' journey as he travels along the western coast of Britain to the far north, where he reports seeing the midnight sun and the congealed sea. We then conclude with an examination of Pytheas' legacy, and ...
36:59 2016-04-17
In this episode, we follow the first part of Pytheas the Massaliot's travels to the little-known northern regions of Europe, as he reaches first the peninsula of Brittany, and then, the southern coast of Cornwall. 
41:29 2016-03-30
In this episode, we explore the thrilling and terrifying journey of the Carthaginian explorer Hanno the Navigator south along the coast of West Africa, and examine the indirect way in which the details about his voyage have come down to us. 
36:38 2016-03-15
We begin in 500 BCE in order to set the stage for the coming voyages of the early Mediterranean explorers, as well as take a look at Necho II's reported expedition to circumnavigate Africa. 
08:43 2016-03-14
I introduce the podcast and the ways in which I will look at exploration throughout history. I also lay out some of the ways in which you can contact me to share your thoughts on improving the podcast.