2 brothers, 30 minutes, ♾ opinions Gmail Twitter @halfhourbrospod

23:49 2022-06-11
EP. 113 The bros talk about times of shame and Tom finds out hes old. @halfhourbros on social
35:08 2022-06-03
EP. 112 Curts anger sharks are swimming and wifey helps to calm me.
28:00 2022-05-22
Ep. 111 The bros talk Twitter, Elon Musk and the new time limit on Zoom. @halfhourbrospod on socials
25:44 2022-05-14
Ep. 110 Curt broke his back and lost all his money on blackjack.  We also cover Elon and Johnny Depp.  Gmail: Socials: halfhourbrospod  
34:41 2022-05-06
EP. 109 The bros handle some news and battle some internet questions. Gmail: Socials: halfhourbrospod
37:52 2022-04-28
EP.108 We are very excited to have one of the runners for County Commissioner Mr. Steve Williams. @Halfhourbrospod on socials Special thanks to Chris Shumphard. Check out all his services at Chris Shumphard Photography on Facebook...
32:25 2022-04-22
Ep.107 The Bros roast inspirational quotes and old infomercials. @halfhourbrospod on socials
26:17 2022-04-14
 EP.106 The Bros talk pranks and try and solve a supper riddle lol. @halfhourbrospod on socials.
42:48 2022-04-08
 EP.105 The Bros are back in town!!!!!!!!!! like and subcribe. 
51:07 2022-03-28
Ep.104 Enjoy this bonus episode with the C.E.E. of EVERY ENTERTAINMENT. Check all his links out below! Website:  Facebook: IG:
40:43 2022-03-26
Ep. 103 enjoy this throwback episode see ya next week.
28:22 2022-03-17
EP. 102 We gotta special guest this episode. check my interview with Mr. Dreamz. you can follow him @Thisisdreamz everywhere.
34:15 2022-03-10
EP. 101 Solo show with Curt check it out! @halfhourbrospod on all socials
34:22 2022-03-03
Ep. 100 The Bros update ya on Ukraine and Russia. Celebrate 100 episodes and remind you to never mess with Snoop Dogg. @halfhourbrospod on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram 
32:53 2022-02-24
Ep.99 The bros talk Ukraine and Russia and of course roast Biden. @halfhourbrospod on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter
47:22 2022-02-17
EP. 98 Wifey fills in for Tom as we talk threesomes and batman movies. @halfhourbrospod on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok
28:52 2022-02-12
EP.97 The Bros have become the Insta Bros!!!!!!! @halfhourbrospod on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok
30:07 2022-02-05
Join the bros as we talk pets and movies and general bro shit!!!!! TikTok halfhourbrospod Instagram halfhourbrospod
31:52 2022-01-29
Ep.96 the bros are finally back. Tune in baby.  
31:11 2022-01-14
 Ep.95 Curt talks about being sick and the new state of culture for 2022.
28:54 2022-01-08
The bros kick the New year off and after this episode Curt gets omicron. Ep.94
19:13 2021-12-30
Bring in the new year with the bros we love you! EP. 93  
32:34 2021-12-09
Ep. 92 Before the Christmas ep here's a look back to bros of Christmas past.
32:13 2021-12-02
The bros get real frosty in this episode to kick off December. TikTok @halfhourbrospod Twitter @halfhourbrospod 
32:11 2021-11-28
EP. 90 The Bros close out No Nut November with a juicy bust of an episode. @halfhourbrospod twitter @halfhourbrospod tiktok  
25:38 2021-11-19
EP.89 The bros are banging...............out content lol Follow and be a bro!!!! Twitter @halfhourbrospod Tiktok @halfhourbrospod
21:53 2021-11-11
Ep. 88 The Bros fire up a 3 part Jeopardy run!!!!!!!! LETS GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Twitter: @halfhourbrospod TikTok: @halfhourbrospod
31:12 2021-11-04
EP.87 The bros tell some stories and talk about times they just want to murder someone lol. Twitter: @halfhourbrospod TikTok: halfhourbrospod
33:02 2021-10-28
EP.86 The bros talk misfires and actors. Plus a new segment. Check us out@ Twitter: @halfhourbrospod TikTok: @halfhourbrospod Gmail:
32:40 2021-10-21
The bros are finally back in the studio, lets gets going baby!!!!!!!!!!! Twitter: @halfhourbrospod TikTok: @halfhourbrospod Gmail:
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