#016- Shit Black Families Do During THANKSGIVING

In today's episode, the sorority discusses Thanksgiving. Which is a staple within Black families, as it allows everything we already love to come together in one space: Food, music, family, shade, and fun. Just like most things regarding Black people, Thanksgivings with Black families have certain unwritten rules that everyone subconsciously knows and abides by. Like the fact that all the aunts have been cooking for two days, yet dinner won’t be ready until 3 pm or later. With that being said join The Gorgons as they reveal the unspoken secrets of Black families during the holidays.LINKS:Instagram: @TheGorg0nsFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheGorgonsPodYoutube: The GorgonsBeat Made By: @nategoyard

by The Gorgons Podcast