#013- Truth Or Dare

It's Halloween, and to celebrate the best day of the year. The Sister's of The Gorgon's Sorority decided to play "Truth Or Dare" where they uncover more about each other than they ever excepted. Lastly, in our new True Crime segment “Screams With Sorority Queen’s, our host discusses 3 cases...The first one being Lorena Bobbitt who infamously cut her husband's penis off, Jeffery Dahmer who was a serial killer that plagued the Milwaukee area & lastly The Menendez Brothers who infamously killed their parents in the late '80s.LINKS:Instagram: @TheGorg0nsFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheGorgonsPodYoutube: The GorgonsBeats Made By: @nategoyard

by The Gorgons Podcast