The Cat Lady

Cats: only curiosity can kill them. Each episode, Lana wields this lethal weapon to figure out the deeper reasons of why people do or don't like cats, dogs, and the occasional lizard.

00:02:12 2020-10-19
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00:35:45 2020-09-25
Kate is a cheesemaker and regenerative farmer in Tasmania, Australia. She talks about her childhood menagerie, Australia’s feral camel problem, and how Indigenous peoples influenced her decision to farm sustainably and protect local ecology.
00:16:12 2020-08-19
Noelle hates cats. She prefers poisonous frogs to cats, and Lana interrupts when Noelle starts throwing way too much shade.
00:32:23 2020-07-23
Elizabeth comes from a long line of cat owners. She debunks several myths, takes on the false dichotomy of cats versus dogs, and reveals her hidden talent for naming pets.
00:30:54 2020-07-13
Prerna has wanted a dog since childhood, but got stuck with a cat. Then a $100 bill in the middle of the pandemic changed the game.
00:14:00 2020-06-01
Young game designer Jeremiah talks about the creatures he creates for his strategy and video games. I challenge him to design a cat game on the spot and he creates two, plus he shares productivity hacks and talks about labor policy.
00:23:04 2020-05-18
Giuls gets nervous after he’s honest about his prejudices. Nate wanted a pet so bad as a kid that he invented one. The two plan a conference that could elevate the cat brand.
00:00:23 2020-05-11
Giuls sets himself up for trouble.
00:21:25 2020-05-04
Angelica is an armchair anthropologist specializing in human-cat relations. She tells us how to identify a person who is truly cat-confident, presents the political options for American cats, and explains both human and feline mate-seeking behavior. Plus ...
00:34:30 2020-04-27
Chelsea and Oliver talk about their two cats and confirm Hemingway’s crazy cat life. Chelsea offers advice to potential pet owners, and Oliver turns the table on Lana fishing for compliments.
00:31:06 2020-04-20
Tiffany talks about her dramatic cat-child Oscar, hunting culture, and what “catfishing” on Instagram might really mean.
00:13:30 2020-04-13
Through an intense pet memory and stories of family drama, Haley realizes her favorite thing about animals is how they reveal human nature.
00:21:31 2020-04-06
Cora was the only cat lover in a dog household. She remembers her first cat, considers American pet culture, and is interrupted by her current cat Priscilla (who supervises this interview).
00:09:57 2020-03-19
Did you know Seattle has a Cat Mayor? Kelly tells us about Felix the Cat Mayor, animals loose on Seattle public transit, and her lack of remorse at losing a childhood cat.