The C-Word

New episodes are released every Thursday. Each week, Lena Dunham and Alissa Bennett take you on a historical deep dive into the life of a woman society dismissed by calling her mad, sad, or just plain bad. Join them for a rich, hilarious, and heartbreaking look into exactly what it means when we call a woman “crazy.”

01:29:12 2022-09-08
Lindsay Lohan’s name has become synonymous with maladaptive child stardom, toxic tabloid culture, and the general trainwreckery of the mid-aughts—but it wasn’t always that way. In the first of two parts, Lena and Alissa unpack LiLo’s childhood, he...
01:07:50 2022-09-08
Lena and Alissa are busy making new episodes about additional interesting women (as you'll hear in the introduction to this episode). Meanwhile, they invite you to listen back to part 1 of Winona Ryder. Before she played Joyce Byers on Stranger Things, ...
00:01:51 2022-09-06
A podcast about women society loves to call "crazy."