The Business of Weddings / Interviews with Wedding Pros

In this series, 'The Business of Weddings', I'll be chatting to loads of wedding pros and industry heavyweights to get their insights on the wedding industry. Whether you're a videographer, entertainer or florist, there'll plenty of advice, tips and motivation to help take your business to the next level.

21:26:15 2019-04-24
How to Start a Wedding Business! All the advice you need for starting a business in the UK, with the help of Howard Wing (who helped me start my business over 3 years ago..)
21:52:12 2019-03-11
In this weeks episode I sat down with award winning wedding filmmakers Peter and Laura Lawson of Lawson Films to chat about all things wedding business. How they transitioned from photography into video, the importance of referrals, how they package their...
21:58:52 2019-02-23
Latest episode of The Business of Weddings / Interviews with Wedding Pros
21:14:39 2018-07-11
Every (Wing) Wednesday, myself and my award winning wedding entertainer of an uncle, Howard Wing, will be chewing the fat, covering all parts of the biz.. Be it marketing, pricing, work/life balance, social media, networking.. we've got you covered. On ...
21:21:27 2018-06-19
In this episode I sat down with Olivia De Santos of Nulyweds. A wedding planner very much marketing towards the modern young couple, planning weddings both in the UK and Portugal. Wedding planners are often seen as a gateway for us suppliers to getting mo...
21:50:17 2018-06-08
In this 1st Episode, I sat down with (uncle) Howard Wing to chat about all things wedding business. Networking, marketing, meeting clients and how to get into the wedding world. Hope you enjoy!