The Brotherverse

Four brothers join forces to embark on an epic fantastical role-playing journey (even though they barely know how to play). Join our heroes (heroes?) Yenry, Ork, and Puff as they stumble through a mess of adventures in the land of Mardinia - aided, abated, berated, and sedated by a gaggle of ragtag friends and foes (mostly foes). Prepare to be transported to a mystical realm of ridiculousness known as The Brotherverse! New episode released every other Monday!

22:11:04 2022-05-25
The epic showdown with Lord Orthguard begins.
58:01 2022-05-09
Under the guise of mustachioed spider exterminators, our trio ventures deeper into the floating Guardian fortress.
22:06:54 2022-03-28
Our heroes heroically bully some nerds in order to further infiltrate Orthguard’s castle.
22:00:02 2022-03-07
Despite their plan being a bunch of shank, our trio attempts to infiltrate Orthguard’s castle and hopes it doesn’t all go to shaw.
53:33 2022-02-21
The Keepers devise a half-baked heist as Orthguard’s army approaches.
59:55 2021-12-21
Grimm’s latest shenanigans send our heroes on a festive quest.
31:07 2021-12-14
The power of the talismans is conveniently revealed, now that we have three available talismans and three heroes.
54:23 2021-11-29
Our trio returns to the Valkyrie with Talis and the Talisman of Thunder to maybe finally close out this Days of Thunder arc.
41:50 2021-11-08
Our heroes face some familiar foes, and Puff does what he does best in boss battles.
32:58 2021-10-25
A battle ensues over the Talisman of Thunder
56:00 2021-10-11
Six guardian statues stand between our heroes and the path forward, and one has a man-bun.
58:12 2021-09-20
Rock and rock sock each other’s blocks in this knockout shocker.
40:50 2021-09-06
Our trio is transformed into toddlers while traversing strange visions. Luckily, this is not their first adventure in diapers.
12:36 2021-08-08
The pronunciation of a word sends us on a big ol’ tangent about sports and getting punched in the face.
22:02:23 2021-07-26
Newly transported to the plane of air, our heroes make their way to the cloud city of Bageecha to find the Talis man with the talisman.
55:58 2021-07-12
This episode really ties the podcast together.
22:34:01 2021-05-10
Our heroes don their chef hats and shed their dignity to prepare some homemade Crescent Island croissants.
55:25 2021-04-26
Yenry, Ork, and Puff set sail for the Crescent Islands, but rough seas lie ahead, and there are only so many hatches to batten.
22:15:36 2021-04-12
Endless knowledge is available within the halls of Tothian Library, but our heroes are quickly sidetracked by liquor and ice cream.
49:00 2021-03-22
This episode is brought to you by the Orthguard Army Standard Issue Tiny Teapot: “Now you can sit and sip, with the S.I.T.T.”
38:15 2021-03-08
Fake Yenry transports our holey trinity (plus bear) to a parley with Commander Harlow Wells.
55:59 2021-02-22
First you take a bear. Put it in a hole. Then you take the hole. Put it in a book.
39:41 2021-02-08
Perry spills the beans on his dad (figuratively), and our trio hits a wall in Toth (literally).
22:09:59 2021-01-25
Things get a little cuckoo at the Forehammer’s.
22:02 2021-01-18
It’s our two year anniversary! We take a look back at the journey so far, and announce the winners of our Brotherversary giveaway!
50:50 2021-01-11
Sage and the gang return to share their newfound discovery, and learn more about the sacred history of the Talismans (Talismen? Have we made this joke before?).
52:46 2020-12-14
With the pompous prince imprisoned in the pit of a portable repository, Puff portrays the  puny potentate to prevent apprehension.
52:03 2020-11-30
With a suit-and-a-half of shiny new armor, our trio devises a half-baked scheme (as is tradition) to infiltrate the castle.
22:11:47 2020-11-16
Holy trash man, king of the gutter, we thank you for this pile of hot garbage. Amen.
22:54:09 2020-11-02
Pop some candy corn and cozy up by the campfire; it’s time for a spooky Boooootherverse Halloween special!
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