693| When You Want an Epidural But Can't Get One - Megan Baca

In this rebroadcast, Megan shares that after an especially tough pregnancy, she was more than ready to welcome her third daughter into the world. Being that this was her third child, she went into this sure of two things: this child will be born on or before her due date (like her older sisters) and this mama definitely wanted an epidural. It wasn't until she found herself 4 days past her due date without a sign of labor that she started to suspect that this birth might not go as planned. Little did she know that was only the beginning. Links: Go to shopify.com/birthhour for a FREE fourteen-day trial and get full access to Shopify’s entire suite of features. Know Your Options Online Childbirth Course Use code 100OFF for $100 off enrollment at thebirthhour.com/course Beyond the First Latch Course (comes free with KYO course) Support The Birth Hour via Patreon! at patreon.com/birthhour

by The Birth Hour - A Birth Story Podcast