692| 12lbs 3oz Cesarean Birth + HBAC (Homebirth After Cesarean) - Diana Forsell

In this rebroadcast, Diana shares the story of her first baby who was an unexpectedly large, 12 lbs, 3 oz. He was born via c-section after a very long labor. It was a deeply traumatic experience for her, but when she became pregnant again 2 years later she knew she'd have this second baby at home. Diana had a completely different labor and birth experience the second time - a beautiful, fast home birth that was also incredibly healing for her. She wants anyone who's had a traumatic birth or a c-section to know it's completely possible to not only heal from it, but to have a better, empowering subsequent birth. Links: Today's episode is sponsored by Premama Wellness. Use the code BirthHour25 for 25 percent off your purchase! Know Your Options Online Childbirth Course - Use Code 100OFF for $100 off Beyond the First Latch Course

by The Birth Hour - A Birth Story Podcast