670| Hospital Epidural Birth Followed by Unmedicated Hospital Births - Erin Odom

In this rebroadcast, Erin shares that she didn't do a lot of research before her first birth, although she wanted to have a natural birth since her mom had done so. She ended up being induced with pitocin, getting an epidural, and then an episiotomy which led to a 4th degree tear. For her subsequent births, she hired a doula, gave birth in the hospital with midwives, and had the natural births she wanted. Show notes links: Click this link for a $10 voucher towards your Backer account. Know Your Options Online Childbirth Course Use code 100OFF for $100 off enrollment Beyond the First Latch Course (comes free with KYO course) Support The Birth Hour via Patreon!

by The Birth Hour - A Birth Story Podcast