The Atlas Investor

The Atlas Investor with Tiho Brkan covers and analyzes global capital markets and investment risks and opportunities across a wide array of asset classes including stocks, bonds, real estate and alternatives such as Gold and hard assets. The podcast also focuses on global business and citizenship opportunities as discovered through Tiho's extensive travels and on the ground due diligence. Tiho Brkan is a portfolio wealth manager, international real estate investor and global citizen who has achieved considerable acclaim as a trader and investor. The goal of the podcast is not only to inform and educate but also help you make money.

21:44:06 2018-10-30
Tiho updates us on the current status of the US and global economy including coverage of Europe and Emerging Markets. (Note, episode recorded early October prior to recent market selloff).
21:33:04 2018-09-06
Tiho and Jordan discuss how and when Gold fits into a diversified portfolio, along with its immediate outlook and what catalyst to look for in the future that could reverse its primary current downtrend. The episode was recorded the previous week.  ...
21:38:19 2018-08-21
Tiho covers the recent devaluations in Turkey and Argentina as well as the recent strength in the US Dollar. He discusses how to invest appropriately based on currency trends. He analyzes the current trend in the US Dollar and discloses a currency trade h...
21:44:37 2018-08-02
In part 2 of 2, Tiho covers the foreign stock markets that could deliver strong returns over the next 10 years. He discusses the importance of valuation, country policies, momentum and potential upside based on previous underperformance. 
21:32:48 2018-07-24
In this two part episode, Tiho begins part 1 by covering recent outperformance in markets, the current late cycle condition and he explains which asset classes have the best prospects over the next 10 years and why.
21:50:06 2018-06-20
Tiho provides an extensive update on global equity markets including the S&P 500, Foreign Developed and Emerging Markets along with an update on interest rates, the yield curve and the US Dollar. Tiho also shares his near-term outlook for these markets an...
21:37:01 2018-05-04
Tiho analyzes the important inflection point facing the 10-year and 30-year yields in the US and the potential for a short squeeze in government bonds. He also provides analysis of the credit markets. 
21:40:36 2018-04-25
Tiho gives an overview of the current market indecision by providing updated insights on price action, breadth, credit spreads and valuation. Foreign, emerging markets and two specific sectors are also covered. 
21:40:46 2018-04-18
After two trips to Bali, Tiho covers the investment potential due to booming tourism as well as the state of the Indonesian economy, its currency and stock market. 
21:35:37 2018-03-20
Tiho provides an extensive update on US stocks, Foreign & Emerging Markets as well as REITS. See accompanying charts at 
21:48:56 2018-03-06
Tiho Brkan covers all things Singapore: real estate, stock market, interest rates, travel, expatriation and much more including his time with Jim Rogers.
21:37:27 2018-02-09
The long-anticipated correction in stocks is here but could it turn into something worse? Tiho analyzes the selloff and what you need to know to stay ahead of the course. 
21:34:01 2018-01-30
Tiho covers historical interest rate cycles, where we are now and what it means for 2018 and the asset markets. 
21:42:20 2018-01-23
Tiho recaps 2017 and covers which assets and markets performed best including which countries performed best and worst. He does so while sharing some inisghts on 2018.
21:48:42 2017-12-20
Tiho reports on his time in Berlin, Germany, the ongoings there and the current standing of the German stock market as well as German real estate. Tiho also updates us on the latest happenings in US and Emerging Markets. 
21:48:52 2017-12-08
Tiho has an urgent and important message for listeners. We cover four things: valuations, sentiment, news and price. Tiho believes each is currently signaling a risky market. Is this the end of the bull market? Tiho shares his thoughts.  
21:40:21 2017-11-23
Tiho covers the French equity market and potential business and real estate opportunities or lack thereof in France. Tiho also provides an educational overview of the credit markets, the specific markets and indicators he follows and his current analysis ...
22:01:40 2017-10-31
Tiho is in beautiful Prague, Czech Republic from where he discusses the country and potential investment and real estate opportunities. Tiho also covers a host of alternative assets with emphasis on real estate, Gold and commodities. 
21:34:07 2017-10-25
Tiho is in Hungary enjoying some goulash while discussing business and real estate opportunities there. He also distills the latest on the bond market. 
21:44:36 2017-10-25
Tiho is in Croatia, his birth country, for this episode. He discusses the importance of being denominated in the right currency as well as global currency trends. Is the rebound in the US Dollar, a rally in a new bear market or a resumption of the bull ma...
21:31:16 2017-10-25
Tiho discusses the opportunities in Montenegro while covering emerging market trends, their valuations and momentum.     
21:39:34 2017-10-24
Tiho is in Serbia and discusses the investment and real estate opportunities there along with potential business opportunities, with a focus on eastern Europe.