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YouTubers Joey the Anime Man and Aki Dearest join forces for an hour of anime. What’s hot, what’s not, what’s new and what you should be watching. If you love Anime, you need this.

21:22:37 2018-06-19
For the Japanese, earthquakes are a fact of life. Unlike Aki, Joey has experienced a few. Should you still visit Japan despite the risk of an earthquake? How prepared is the country for these natural disasters? ...
21:17:04 2018-06-12
BTS' 'Fake Love' is everywhere at the moment and for Aki, she is surprised at how big K-Pop has become especially in the US. Joey also recognises how influential and powerful the internet is behind the success of K-Pop, but what does he think of the music...
21:21:27 2018-06-06
Fooly Cooly is Joey and Aki's all time favourite anime and new episodes have been released for the first time in 17 years. Why was there such a long wait? And was it worth it?
21:02:19 2018-05-30
Joey and Aki receive a question from a listener requesting they break down THAT scene from Devilman Crybaby. You know, the one where the girl makes donkey sounds. Their response might surprise you!
21:18:54 2018-05-29
This week Joey and Aki answer some of your questions on the hashtag #sbsanime. What is the first anime they watched together? Which anime made them cry? Find out on this week's episode of The Anime Show
21:16:35 2018-05-22
Joey and Aki share with you some of their favourite places to eat in Japan. Some of their recommendations might surprise you. Also, what does Joey think of sushi in America? 
21:04:19 2018-05-15
Joey tests Aki on her Shonen Jump knowledge. Do you think you can name more Shonen Jump series than Aki?
21:14:27 2018-05-15
Joey relived some of his favourite manga memories with a trip to the Shonen Jump museum in Tokyo. How much do you know about Shonen Jump series?
21:02:15 2018-05-08
The LGBTQI+ community is really well represented in Yaoi and Yuri manga and anime, so why is it so under-represented in Japan's 'real-life'?
21:28:19 2018-05-08
Japan had their Gay Pride parade recently and 5, 000 people attended. Joey and Aki didn't even know there was a Gay Pride parade in Japan, so they talk about the LGBTQI+ community, what issues people in the Japanese LGBTQI+ community face, and where the b...
21:17:13 2018-05-01
It's all about Japanese YouTubers this week. Joey and Aki let us in on who we need to know about in the Japanese Youtubing scene, and who some of their faves are. Joey got his sister into one of his faves and she doesn't watch any Japanese YouTubers. They...
21:02:55 2018-04-24
Joey's sister has heightened supernatural senses. He shares a story about when she went on a ghost tour at one of Australia's most haunted places.
21:19:59 2018-04-24
Joey and Aki are talking Japanese horror movies, and the differences with Western horror films. Joey's not stoked about the topic this week. He doesn't like scary movies (who can blame him?) but Aki loves them, and is convincing him to watch some with her...
21:01:30 2018-04-17
Joey tests Aki on her knowledge of Japanese grammar. Does Aki get it right? Does Joey actually know the answer? How did you go?
21:20:41 2018-04-17
Joey learnt Japanese from his parents, but Aki had to learn Japanese later in life, which is a lot harder. So, Aki's here to help everyone who's learning (or wants to learn) a language. She reveals the different methods she's used, gives her tips on what ...
21:00:56 2018-04-10
As a music lover, Joey hates when people where clothes with musicians they don't know on them. What are your thoughts?
21:16:57 2018-04-10
Studio Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata died last week, aged 82. Joey and Aki are remembering the amazing man that was behind so much of Studio Ghibli's success. He had many Anime titles to his name, like Grave of the Fireflies and Pom Poko (just...
21:02:06 2018-04-03
Joey reveals the time he first laid eyes on an Anime figurine worth $10,000. He is serious about wanting to purchase it. If only he had room in his house...
21:18:50 2018-04-03
What happens when a couple both want to buy the same Anime figurine? Joey and Aki talk about the most expensive Anime figurines they've ever seen and spill on the most they've spent. Plus, findout how they make Anime merch purchase decisions, and what it ...
21:02:07 2018-03-27
Joey and Aki introduce you to the (self-proclaimed) world's first animated YouTuber. In the country where YouTubers are highly embraced, one of the hottest personalities is just a series of ones and zeros.
21:26:20 2018-03-27
One of Joey and Aki's favourite anime is getting a sequel after 18 years! The pair describe why it's such a great Anime and why the sequal's hype is real. Plus they preview an upcoming live-action adaptation of an Anime series (which hopefully won't suck)...
21:01:48 2018-03-20
Joey shares his experiences learning Japanese and shares some wisdom for those learning new languages.
21:26:55 2018-03-20
Flying solo this week, Joey talks about his history with all things Otaku. Which manga and anime he grew up with. How he got so good at Japanese, and he reveals some of the hardships he faced going to school as a young anime fan.
21:05:07 2018-03-13
Joey steps out of his comfort zone and reveals the little thing he does that makes Aki very happy.
21:25:17 2018-03-13
What its like to be an Otaku couple. Joey and Aki explain about the weird and wonderful things they get up to at Anime conventions, and let us know if they'd ever do couple cosplay. Plus there's one topic they only ever have fights about.
21:00:48 2018-03-06
Joey has an opinion on how the winners for the Crunchyroll Anime Awards are chosen, and Aki has a clear prediction on the film that would end up winning a lot of awards if it was chosen like the Oscars.
21:23:45 2018-03-06
While Joey and Aki were disappointed with the lack of Anime nominations at the Oscars, they want to talk all things Anime Awards. Anime's answer to the Oscars were on recently; the Crunchyroll Anime Awards! Joey and Aki have some thoughts about the w...
21:01:39 2018-02-27
Would Joey marry Aki if he had to choose between her and an Anime character? Ooooh, it's an interesting answer!
21:21:08 2018-02-27
Joey and Aki play the ultimate test of loyalty to anime characters! Which famous anime (and Pokemon characters) do they want to kiss, marry, away with. Aki puts Joey on the spot and asks if he'll marry her! 
21:01:21 2018-02-20
If you miss the last train in Japan, you'll spend a very long night outside...
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