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22:27:30 2022-11-25
Hey guys!  The boys are back and all in the same room for the first time in 4 years! They’re drinking, going to weddings and catching up with pop culture. --- Send in a voice message:
21:01:23 2022-10-21
A little tune to help you deal with life and people.  *Lyrics* communication is a part of life, That doesn’t you have to come and talk to me, I don’t care if it’s good or bad advice, Your breath smells and I don’t wanna hear the truuuuuuuuuuu...
21:59:42 2022-10-19
😎 --- Send in a voice message:
21:50:25 2022-10-11
On this episode of Submarine and a Roach, KOJ is joined by a TL fave and they get into: Interests and Hobbies Nigeria's Presidential elections Content creation and Nollywood Hating, Dirty Mackin' And navigating the world as a public figure --- Send ...
22:00:46 2022-10-03
On this episode, it's just KOJ talking out his ass on various topics. Listen to him go on about: Canceling TMT and Mayowa for *ALLEGEDLY* celebrating independence day Reaching out to old friends and celebrating with them Jagaban and his Peloton aka M...
22:16:36 2022-09-13
This is Episode 114 with Mayowa, KOJ & Tmt and they get into: The Queen The Queen's Opps Jeff Bezos Jeff Bezos' Opps The Headies Burna Disney Princesses And many many more!  --- Send in a voice message:
21:03:46 2022-09-08
I really hate that n-word --- Send in a voice message:
22:04:38 2022-09-07
Submarine and A Roach x Aylø link up featuring: - Lagos yarns - Raising money as a creative - Album titles and themes - Marijuana etc. --- Send in a voice message:
22:47:16 2022-09-04
Surprise Submarine and a roach drop! TMT talks to Donawon about how life and his career. How he went from Selling Dashiki’s in school to managing Tems to meeting Drake to fighting the Illuminati, We breakdown what it takes to do what he does and have...
22:05:06 2022-08-29
Hi, Welcome to Submarine and A Roach, the #1 Christian Podcast in Nigeria. Today's Sermon is brought to you by Pastor TMT and Pastor KOJ of Smooth, Creamy & Tight Ministries. Enjoy! #Submaroach --- Send in a voice message:
22:03:49 2022-07-05
Koj and TMT run through their lives and world events in this funky hip new episode of your favourite podcast! Have a great week people! --- Send in a voice message:
21:37:43 2022-06-29
Mayowa and TMT sit down and discuss: TMT's birthdat Tems at the BET Awards Mayowa’s Sojourn Glamour girls reviews and obviously, Organ Harvesting --- Send in a voice message:
22:13:04 2022-06-20
21:56:11 2022-06-13
Mayowa and TMT chop it about: Burna boy Drake dominance Nigerian Rap Twitter spaces/clubhouse How companies kill other companies --- Send in a voice message:
21:51:17 2022-06-07
This week Mayowa and TMT talk politics, love and music! --- Send in a voice message:
21:59:20 2022-05-31
Some of the boys are back to about nothing at all. We missed you. Hope you missed us too. --- Send in a voice message:
21:45:40 2022-05-10
Ladies and Gentlemen, in the Blue Corner we have the Ibadan Stallion and in the Red Corner, we have a Bottle of Whiskey. Listen very closely to this episode of Submarine and A Roach and try count how many swigs of the bottle you hear while you listen to...
22:54:25 2022-05-03
New episode alert.!!!!🚨🚨🚨 TMT returns from his suspension with a new friend, multidisciplinary artist and creative mercenary Niyi Okeowo and they get into: 1. Nigerian childhoods. 2. The music they love. 3. The movies that shaped them. 4. The po...
22:07:42 2022-04-26
Submarine and A Roach babyy! It's late but like it's still Tuesday in North America. Listen to Mayowa & KOJ get into: - TMT's suspension from the podcast - Elon Musk buying Twitter - Jack Dorsey having two jobs like he founded Flutterwave - Having $46 Bil...
21:51:20 2022-04-20
Easter Break but we couldn't leave you guys hanging. The content a couple weeks old but the jokes are fresh af! Tap in and listen to us discuss: - Rema's "I only make music with my friends" video - Rema being the hardest artist out of naij right now - Ve...
23:01:12 2022-04-12
Episode 101 - Introduction To Episodes (Jk jk!) We have Teezee in the house and we get into a yaaaarrrnnnzzzzz: - Viagra - Dick Waffles - Dick Measurements - Real Housewives of Lagos - Fatherhood - The Grammy's - Will Smith's Oscar Ban & KOJ ha...
22:16:32 2022-04-05
On the 100th Episode of the Podcast, we're joined by Tosan Wilts, a long time friend of the pod and radio personality. He helps the team achieve GOAT status as they discuss 1. Nigeria in the world cup 2. Run ins with Lagos drivers 3. The Grammys and a b...
22:08:05 2022-03-29
I say episode 98 a bunch but it's actually 99. On this episode, we get into: - Loiter Squad - Music Listening Habits - Educating Yourself Outside of Books - Will Smith and Chris Rock - Marriage and Being 30+ Get into it... yuh! --- Send in a voice me...
22:05:23 2022-03-22
Episode 98 ya bish! Enjoy --- Send in a voice message:
21:57:20 2022-03-15
This is not the Santi episode but it's close. On this episode, it's just Tmt & Koj cos logistics ya feel me? On Ep97 this episode: - Coming of age - World War 3 - Deleting things from past relationships - Lots of innuendos - TWO Uber sex twitter threads (...
22:22:37 2022-03-08
Hey pals! In this therapy session the trio discuss: - Kanye - Davido - Getting tattoos - Vices - Getting fits off --- Send in a voice message:
22:36:29 2022-03-02
Better late than never but like! This is as chaotic as it gets, as usual, we get into bare tings! We get into: - World War 3 (Who wants to know what JA RULE?) - All the things Fresh put the game on - Fresh's PA search - Fresh's lyrics - DRB - And THAT f...
21:05:56 2022-03-01
This is a trailer for Episode 95 featuring Fresh L. --- Send in a voice message:
21:03:13 2022-02-22
No episode this week but we couldn't leave you without a lil sumn sumn. This one is for the haters! --- Send in a voice message:
22:18:09 2022-02-16
It's late but on my COUNTRY(cos this ain't got shit to do with my momma) this shit is worth every second you spent drooling over it. We kick things off with a special number to set the pace for an eventful episode 94, where we discuss: - Adesua Etomi's ...
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