Storytelling for Impact

What’s it really like to report from a war zone? Work on an undercover investigation? Be a humanitarian photographer capturing images in the far corners of the earth to influence our hearts and minds? Here, you'll find out through captivating conversations delving into the personal stories of people who dedicate themselves to telling stories to drive impact, while at the same time exploring the ethical challenges they face. Hosted by Susannah Birkwood, international journalist and NGO storyteller.

21:39:12 2021-09-12
“A lot of us get into this work with NGOs because we want to make a difference but there are times when NGOs are actually doing more harm and they’re not living up to their standard of being humanitarian.” This episode features Laura Elizabeth Po...
21:48:06 2021-08-01
This episode features Ed Davey, the head of rainforest investigations at the international NGO Global Witness, where he leads a team dedicated to exposing the destruction of the world’s most important rainforests. In 2018 he helped reveal how the world...
21:41:32 2021-06-23
This episode features Sarika Bansal, a journalist and author based in Nairobi, Kenya who was the was the founder and editor in chief of BRIGHT magazine. Together, we discuss Sarika’s biggest bugbears when it comes to language use in the international NG...
21:55:24 2021-05-21
This episode features Thin Lei Win, an award-winning Burmese climate change, food security and humanitarian correspondent living in Italy. We discuss whether the foreign correspondent model is due a reckoning following a recent reporting trip by CNN Inter...
21:07:02 2021-05-07
In this bitesize bonus episode of Storytelling for Impact, multi-award-winning UK-based journalist Iain Overton offers his top tips on becoming an investigative journalist and foreign correspondent.
21:51:34 2021-04-21
This episode features Iain Overton, a multi-award-winning investigative journalist based in the UK who has worked in over 80 countries around the world unearthing hard truths about human rights and gun violence. We talk with Iain about the merits of journ...
21:37:39 2021-03-21
Rachel Erskine, an ethical storytelling expert who works for Amref Health Africa in the UK, shares her thoughts on how aid agencies and NGOs can make amends for the harm past approaches to storytelling may have caused to communities.
21:46:42 2021-02-21
Jason Houston, a social and environmental photographer who works with clients including the New York Times, shares his insights on participatory photography and respecting the needs of the communities he photographs.
21:42:21 2021-02-21
Carlos Conde, an investigative journalist specialising in human rights in the Philippines, shares what it takes to do this work in one of the world’s deadliest countries for journalists.
21:01:17 2021-01-21
Captivating conversations delving into the personal stories of people who dedicate themselves to telling stories to drive impact and an exploration of the ethical challenges they face.