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21:18:08 2022-05-18
In this episode, Brent talks about relative value trading and why it is so gosh darn hard.
21:14:51 2022-05-16
In this episode, Brent discusses the nonlinear relationship between yield and risk, and explains why there isn't much regulators can do when everyone just wants to gamble.
21:07:44 2022-05-11
21:14:42 2022-05-09
21:16:16 2022-05-05
21:10:20 2022-04-25
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21:15:35 2022-04-18
21:10:44 2022-04-11
21:10:06 2022-04-04
In this episode, Brent discusses why he thinks crypto is entering a difficult four-week period. The grinding move off the lows encounters major resistance just as tax payments loom and the May 4th Fed meeting nears.
21:11:34 2022-04-04
In this episode, Brent talks about the importance of adaptation in trading and why you should not always be a breakout or mean reversion trader. You should adapt to the market.
21:19:02 2022-03-28
21:15:58 2022-03-14
A discussion of how to incorporate anecdotal evidence into your process. The Magazine Cover Indicator, The Skyscraper Index, The Stadium Cruse and more. Plus: Short XPO via puts.
21:16:04 2022-03-08
In this 15-minute episode, Brent talks about trade structuring. When do you buy options and when are they too expensive? A look at the tradeoffs between cash and options trading.
21:18:23 2022-03-02
Adding to the long BTC position.
21:14:37 2022-02-28
In this trade, Brent  explains the dynamic interplay between narrative and price and why this dynamic makes him bullish bitcoin.
21:19:16 2022-02-22
This episode of 50 Trades in 50 Weeks is all about technical analysis and how I integrate it into my process. I use techs as a risk management and tactics tool, not a forecasting tool.
21:12:49 2022-02-21
This episode discusses the wide range of options in DeFi, all the way from the ludicrously risky madness of Wonderland to conservative digital income strategies that might be suitable for pension funds. 
21:16:29 2022-02-17
In this second episode of Fifty Trades in Fifty Weeks, I explain much more about correlation, causaution, third variables, volume spikes and other reasons I think oil is going lower.
21:14:16 2022-02-10
Short gold, long euros. Let's get this party started! 
21:14:39 2022-02-07
Brent Donnelly's latest thoughts on crypto and global macro.Why BTC has higher expected value than ETH over the next 12 months.The best time of day to transact large bitcoin.SAND lockup -- post-mortem.And a few parting shots. ...
21:12:13 2022-01-28
Why I am still bearish crypto and four specific scenarios that will make me bullish.