Solfeggio Music for Calmness (432 Hz) [10 Hours]

Drown out the sounds of distractions in the background and enter deep sleep quickly with this collection of ad-free white noise and ambient nature sounds. A new episode drops every Tuesday Morning. Follow the podcast so you don't miss them.  The Solfeggio frequency at 432 Hz has been studied and shown to help lower heart rates and promote calmness in people (source). This episode features a pad at 432 Hz with layers of additional ambient music around it to help you relax and sleep.  - - - 📹 Watch Sounds for Deep Sleep on YouTube 🙋‍♀️ Have feedback? Fill out this 5-min survey to help us improve 🤝 Want to sponsor the show? Contact

by Sounds for Deep Sleep: White Noise, Ambience, Nature Sounds