Hello guys and gals! Join SomeOrdinaryGamers, Oompaville, and Nux Taku as they dive into as much as they can in an hour

0:00 2022-07-04
We're joined by GunnarTV to talk internet news, his recent rise to success on YouTube, and the TikTok content economy.
0:00 2022-06-20
The Act Man joins us once again to talk about the most recent drama he's been involved in, and how YouTube's lack of support has impacted him as a creator.
0:00 2022-06-12
Count Dankula joins the podcast to talk about the yakuza, his experience with getting canceled, and the state of online politics.
0:00 2022-06-05
Get 3 extra months free with a 12-month plan of ExpressVPN with our exclusive link: DarkViperAU joins us to talk about the ethics of sponsored gambling, what constitutes fair use, and how algorithms both harm and benefit ...
0:00 2022-05-29
Controversial streamer Destiny joins us to talk about online politics, the Twitch react meta and social media.
0:00 2022-05-23
We talk with internet funny man Nokeric about...well just about everything.
0:00 2022-05-16
We talk with Nexpo about internet lore, the YouTube reaction meta, and the struggles of covering dark source material.
0:00 2022-05-07
Get 3 extra months free with a 12-month plan of ExpressVPN with our exclusive link: Internet chronicler Ghost Gum joins us to talk about the ongoing Johhny Depp VS. Amber Heard trial, the degradation of Reddit, and the Pa...
0:00 2022-05-02
We talk with epic gamer The Act Man about videogames, movies, and some of the latest drama he's been involved in.
0:00 2022-04-23
In this banger of an episode with YouTube legend Huggbees, we prank call a car dealership and talk about terrible movies.
0:00 2022-04-15
We talk with Dr. Bernard (also known as ChubbyEmu) about sleep deprivation, the world's reaction to COVID-19, and incredibly odd medical mysteries.
0:00 2022-04-09
We talk with internet scholar Wavywebsurf about r/place, internet mysteries and finally EXPOSE Bruce Wayne as the fraud he is.
0:00 2022-04-02
We talk with literal gigachad Houson Jones about his evolution as a content creator, getting kicked in the liver, and YouTube's viability as a source of income.
0:00 2022-03-27
In this episode we talk to the master of destruction himself Plainrock124 to talk about his rise to YouTube popularity, Rolex watches, and Sonic the Hedgehog.
0:00 2022-03-19
In this episode we bring on The Gamer From Mars to talk about internet mysteries, Chris Chan and the latest in internet culture.
0:00 2022-03-12
We bring on Wendigoon the iceburg mystery man himself to talk about crypto, hunting mishaps and more!
0:00 2022-03-05
The boys talk with certified epic GAMER AfroSenju about Elden Ring, video game nostalgia, and how he almost lost his YouTube channel to hackers.
0:00 2022-02-27
YouTuber and Kanye West expert Jaubrey joins us to talk about music, the state of YouTube as a platform and the mind numbingly low IQ levels of popular vloggers.
0:00 2022-02-19
The meat man himself joins us to talk about his unique artistic style, the future of animation on YouTube and why RC Cola is better than Coca-Cola.
0:00 2022-02-15
The guys go down the Jaystation rabbit hole with Nerd City, and talk about general internet insanity along the way.
0:00 2022-02-05
In this episode the guys talk with WHOLESOME Minecraft YouTuber SocksFor1, talking about everything from the state of YouTube to million dollar merch ideas.
0:00 2022-01-30
Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code SOP at #ad #manscapedpod In this episode, the boys are joined by Kwite. They talk about everything from devious licks to Kwite secretly being the Unabomber.
0:00 2022-01-24
In this episode, the boys are joined once again by their good friend Charlie (aka MoistCr1TiKaL) and dive into this whole Ninja v. Pokimane drama.
0:00 2022-01-14
In this episode, the boys are joined by Schlatt and talk about the streamer copyright meta and big monkey statues
0:00 2022-01-07
Grab AtlasVPN for $1.39 a month and get 3 months for free with our link: In this episode, the boys are joined by Mamamax and talk about the importance of the Pick A Side movement.
0:00 2022-01-01
Grab AtlasVPN for 1.39$ a month and get 3 months for free with our link: In this episode, the boys are joined by HasanAbi and get into one of the deepest conversations on the podcast yet! From Matrix Revelations to...
0:00 2021-12-27
Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Head to to get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment. In this episode, the boys are joined by CallMeCarson and deep dive into dead youtuber spirit boxes, Steve Harvey's multipl...
0:00 2021-12-17
On this episode, the boys are joined by CoffeZilla and talk everything from Keanu Reeves mocking NFTs to their love for Ninja Timestamps: 00:02:45 - Bored Apes 00:04:00 - Pokimane and Her Love For Kids 00:06:20 - XQC, Ninja, and LiveStreamFails 00:08:4...
0:00 2021-12-13
On the podcast's maiden voyage, hosts Muta, Oompa, and Nux will speak to to the one and only Charlie, aka Moistcr1tikal, aka, penguinz0.