"Snapshots" describes the pictures our mind takes of the beautiful events that change our lives for the better. I believe that these events, while personal, can help strengthen us all spiritually. In this podcast, I share some of my own Snapshots, but hope to eventually hear and possibly share your Snapshots as well. Your stories with the conditions as outlined in the podcast can be sent to

00:01:41 2022-05-06
Why the end of Season 1, some thoughts and possibilities for Season 2
00:07:20 2022-04-12
A couple of dreams that seemed more real than everyday life and their significant impact. One was like a nightmare, the other an overwhelming sense of love.
00:10:30 2022-03-08
A combo of three stories with the common theme of wheels, brushes with death, and miraculous assistance.
00:06:43 2022-02-08
a story about noticing the miracles all around us from a seemingly surprising source
00:06:28 2022-01-11
What could be better than a family beach day? Witnessing a miracle.
00:07:08 2021-12-11
Why would a group of friends and neighbors be gift giving and caroling in September? A story about friendship, love, the ripple effects of love, and hope.
00:07:00 2021-11-20
very brief intro to what Snapshots is and short story about a loving sister, buttermilk, and lessons learned