Daily quick hit poker strategy and study talk

21:02:19 2017-10-27
Studying everyday is tough, but I know you can commit to just 5 minutes each day
21:03:26 2017-10-27
Don't get angry when your plan works but your opponent sucks out.
21:02:15 2017-10-16
Don't chop tourneys if you don't want to
21:01:32 2017-10-11
Pretend you've got an audience watching and listening to your thought process
21:03:09 2017-10-07
Warm-ups help you play better poker.
21:01:36 2017-10-05
The best thing I've ever done to improve my game, daily hand reading practice
21:03:01 2017-10-04
Meditate for a calmer mind
21:02:39 2017-10-03
Passive play early, then bigger bets later can lead to max value from stations
21:02:44 2017-10-02
Negative self-talk only serves to hurt you and keep you down
21:02:10 2017-09-25
I highly recommend it
21:02:42 2017-09-24
I don't stake other players, too risky for this guy
21:04:54 2017-09-22
You gotta warm-up pre-session
21:03:31 2017-09-21
Checking behind caps ranges, so nut hands are likely not in the range any more
21:01:18 2017-09-21
Playing while distracted (email, music, Twitter, etc.) will only serve to hurt your decision making
21:02:36 2017-09-19
Checks and calls keep ranges wider
21:03:11 2017-09-18
FOCUS - my favorite acronym
21:02:08 2017-09-15
Ask questions, watch again, take notes and put things into action.
21:02:10 2017-09-13
Go through your hands and see if you're mistakenly telegraphing your hand strength with the sizings you choose.
21:01:54 2017-09-11
Use a tabata timer and a specific strategy question to keep your focus on the tables
21:02:44 2017-09-10
Study what happens most frequently, then move to topics that build upon the skills you just learned.
21:03:36 2017-09-10
Session length advice β€’ Use that long session patience for your shorter sessions as well
21:01:31 2017-09-09
When you're feeling down or even tilty, try a smile and see if it can't pick up your spirits.
21:02:54 2017-09-07
Use sticky notes for putting into action new things you're working on. Attach it to your monitor to help during a play session.
21:01:30 2017-09-06
When you enter in someone's calling range, you see every range: calling, folding and 3betting
21:02:17 2017-09-06
Hide your hole cards for Hero Hand Reading
21:03:44 2017-09-04
There are many reasons for making bigger open raises. Facing lots of 3bets, calls and...
21:03:10 2017-09-03
They are so important for A-game mindset and good decision making.
21:01:27 2017-09-01
T9s has 3.5% more equity pre-flop than T9o. And, when flopping TP+fd it has 73% equity vs only 56% that T9o has with TP.
21:02:29 2017-09-01
Bread & Butter situations are the most profitable spots for you. It's most likely when you're HU and IP as the pre-flop raiser. Get in more of these spots.
21:01:31 2017-08-31
Use disincentives to push yourself to get work done
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