Simply Vanished

Simply Vanished is a serial investigative podcast about missing persons. Each season is dedicated to a single case. The show digs deep to tell the stories of people who vanished. Who were they? What may have happened to them? Why hasn't their case been solved? ‚Äč Join host Josh Newville in the search for answers. Newville is a civil rights lawyer who has long been fascinated by unexplained disappearances. Drawing inspiration from other serial investigative podcasts, Newville founded Trembling Leaf Media and launched Simply Vanished in 2022.

34:05 2022-08-09
We explore the possibility that Josh may have accidentally drowned.
22:00:01 2022-07-25
We consider where Josh may have gone after the card party.
48:47 2022-07-11
A forensic examination of Josh's computer reveals various rabbit holes.
33:39 2022-07-04
In this bonus episode, we hear Josh's life history, world views, and hopes and dreams.
30:01 2022-06-27
We go deep behind the pine curtain to talk about bumps in the night.
34:43 2022-06-18
We begin our search for Josh by retracing his steps on Nov 9, 2002.
01:15 2022-05-15
We investigate the disappearance of a popular college student.