SFP 99: Perfectionism in Motherhood [with Catia Holm]

She’s skinny, ​crafty, active, accomplished in her career, family-focused, and well-dressed (all the time, even at drop off). She’s the perfect mom. She’s the mom that we are secretly striving to be–the one that does it all and has it all. In fact, many of the things we spend our time and energy striving towards are because of her. It’s because we feel like we don’t measure up. Because we feel like we aren’t enough. Today on the podcast I am chatting with Catia Holm, author and inspirational speaker. We are talking about the striving that we do as mothers. What if we could let go of that perfect mother and embrace the very person we are today? I never knew how much magic could be found in the ordinary -Catia Holm Show Notes/Links in this episode: The Courage to Become by Catia Holm The Six Stages of Parenthood by Ellen Galinsky The Robcast The post SFP 99: Perfectionism in Motherhood [with Catia Holm] appeared first on Simple Families.

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