SFP 128: Living Coffee ’til Cocktails [with Brooke Conley]

Sometimes there is so much to be done that we find ourselves needing coffee to wake up in the morning and wine to take the edge off and calm down in the evening. In today’s episode I am talking with Brooke Conley about alcohol + motherhood. If you have ever thought about cutting back on alcohol or felt like you wanted to give it up–tune in as Brooke and I talk more about our relationships with alcohol. Show Links/Notes Stay in touch with Brooke and see her recommended resources: Her website Instagram Online Hip Sobriety Laura McKowen Books This Naked Mind — Annie Grace Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol — Ann Dowsett Johnston Drinking: A Love Story — Caroline Knapp Podcast on overdrinking that Denaye mentioned (books contain affiliate links) The post SFP 128: Living Coffee ’til Cocktails [with Brooke Conley] appeared first on Simple Families.

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