Q&A | Should you make kids apologize?

Should we insist that our kids apologize or say “I’m sorry”? I actually don’t. However, both my kids have come to apologize and express authentic empathy in their early years (without my demanding it). They have learned to do so naturally through their environment. When it comes to teaching manners and empathy, we can cue our kids to use certain expressions. But often it’s not about teaching. It’s about exposing them to things like manners and empathy in their influential relationships with adults. Children learn better through exposure in their natural environment. So instead of direct teaching, we can show them how it’s done ourselves. Timestamps: 1:18 // Something Simple I’m Loving: Knowledge Encyclopedia 2:51 // About our big book overhaul: Reading Aloud + Our Book Overhaul 5:45 // Today’s Sponsor: Care/Of 7:04 // Today’s Question: Should you make kids apologize? The post Q&A | Should you make kids apologize? appeared first on Simple Families.

by Simple Families with Denaye Barahona Ph.D.