Q&A | How to Talk to Kids about Santa

Are you wondering how to talk to your kids about Santa? That’s what we are chatting about today. Actually, I’m introducing something brand new today! Starting in 2020, I’ll be adding a second weekly episode to the Simple Families Podcast. In addition to the regular weekly episode, I’ll be adding a shorter form episode. Today, I’m sharing an example of how exactly this will look. The new episode will be in two main parts: We’ll start the episode off with a Q&A segment where I answer a question from an audience member. Then, we’ll move on and discuss “Something Simple” that I am loving each week–which may be a concept, a book, a product or anything else. I invite you to send me your contributions for the show! Show Notes/List Submit ‘Something Simple’ that you are loving Submit a question for the Q&A Segment 2019 Simple Families Holiday Gift Guide 2019 “A Few of My Favorite Things” The post Q&A | How to Talk to Kids about Santa appeared first on Simple Families.

by Simple Families with Denaye Barahona Ph.D.