Mental Chatter

We all talk to ourselves. For better or worse, our “chatter” or self-talk can have a profound impact on our moods, relationships, and confidence. It’s easy to operate on auto-pilot and let these thoughts come and go. But in my conversation with Ethan Kross today, he gives us tools to pump the brakes and shift our self-talk so that it works for us rather than against us. Ethan’s is the author of the bestselling book Chatter: The Voice in Our Head and Why it Matters. He’s also a professor and researcher out of the University of Michigan. Links from this Episode Find Ethan on Instagram and Twitter Website: Chatter: The Voice in our Head, Why it Matters and How to Harness It SPONSORS Fabric – Protect your family with term life insurance now, in just 10 minutes Mint Mobile – To get your new wireless plan for just 15 bucks a month, including the Modern Family Plan. The post Mental Chatter appeared first on Simple Families.

by Simple Families with Denaye Barahona Ph.D.