Holiday Gift Guide

Ready for a mindset shift around gifts this holiday season? In today’s episode, we are discussing how to gift with intention. This includes shifting the conversation around gift-giving with your kids and choosing gifts that will keep-on-giving. I’m also sharing the 10 items on the Simple Families 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. Show Notes/Links Shifting the conversation about gifts Buying more intentionally this holiday season The problem with experience gifts Front-loaded vs. back-loaded gifts My Holiday Prep chat with Erica, Rachelle, and Zoë How to Get Your Kid to Play Independently Podcast Episode How to talk with extended family about intentional gift-giving: “Our kids love spending time with you and I’ve enjoyed seeing your relationship grow. I fear that too many packages may distract them from appreciating all the wonderful gifts that you bring as a person. I want them to look forward to special time with you more than they do the gifts. How can we work together to keep them focused on the important stuff?” [Quote from Denaye’s Book Simple Happy Parenting] Simple Families Toy Gift List 2018 Simple Families Toy Gift List 2017 2019 Holiday Gift List Links Ocean Bingo + Sea Life Book Library Book System: Book Bin + Book Tote Green Kids Crafts (Code EARLY70/GIFT40) Storyworth Family Collage: Large Canvas + Paint + Decoupage  Sprout-Kids: Table + Stools + Chairs (Code SIMPLE10) Mindfulness Kit: Little Renegades Cards + Lavender Spray + Mindfulness Book Binoculars (Kid-sized Day/Night Version) + Stargazing App + Moon/Constellation Books Sticker Puzzles: Adult + Child Meri Cherry’s Book + Essential Art Supplies (find her list in the book on page 12) This post contains affiliate links, your support is appreciated! The post Holiday Gift Guide appeared first on Simple Families.

by Simple Families with Denaye Barahona Ph.D.