The Real Gossip Girl (w/ Naomi Ekperigin)

Everybody's favorite comedian Naomi Ekperigin joins Greta to talk about going to the school that inspired Gossip Girl (Dalton), convincing her Prom date (and his mom) that he should wear basketball shorts to Prom, and the feeling of painted silver pants in the early 2000s. Plus, she doubles down on her 16th Birthday party guest list! Watch Naomi's half-hour special on Netflix. Listen to her podcasts; Couples Therapy and I Love a Lifetime Movie! Watch this, and all episodes of, Senior Superlatives with Greta Titelman: Greta:Twitter: @gertie_birdInstagram: @gertiebirdTikTok: @gertie_birdFollow The Show:Instagram: @seniorsuperlativespodFollow Naomi:Instagram: @blacktresscomedy   Like the show? Rate Senior Superlatives on Spotify and Apple Podcasts and leave a review for Greta. Advertise on Senior Superlatives via Gumball.fmSee for privacy information.

by Senior Superlatives with Greta Titelman