An Honor To Be Nominated (w/ Ali Macofsky)

Comedian Ali Macofsky takes us alllllll the way back to 2013 to talk about the difference between dirty girls and stinky girls, being nominated for Prom Queen, and favorite high school snacks. Plus, the return of the ever-present evil drama teacher! Listen to Ali's podcast, Resting Bitch. Watch all episodes of Senior Superlatives at Follow Greta:Twitter: @gertie_birdInstagram: @gertiebirdTikTok: @gertie_birdFollow The Show:Instagram: @seniorsuperlativespodFollow Ali:Twitter: @notalimacInstagram: @notalimac Like the show? Rate Senior Superlatives on Spotify and Apple Podcasts and leave a review for Greta. Advertise on Senior Superlatives via Gumball.fmSee for privacy information.

by Senior Superlatives with Greta Titelman