Your Work As An Offering to the World

#906: We generally have two measurements for our work; do we like it and does it provide for us well. But in looking at the most successful and fulfilled people they have another measurement that eclipses those. Do I feel like the end product or service I help provide is something of worth and value to people? Not by the world’s measurements but by my own? In this episode I play a clip from Zig Ziglar where he shares a story about seeing a play. What struck him was out there on the stage, the people were truly giving it their all. They were fully committed to giving an incredible and near flawless performance to the audience. The point being for us to consider, not necessarily just how hard are we working, but what is our goal in the final delivery? So I polled my audience with this question, “Do you feel your work is necessary? Honorable? Worthy? And please help me by sharing if you do not.” The contribution you make with your work, in your own eyes, matters greatly. Not just to your fulfillment but to your overall level of success. Tom Ziglar and I talk through the comments and come to some significant discoveries.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

by Self-Help(ful)