Your Functional Medicine Questions Answered - Part 4 | Functional Friday

We wrap up our Functional Medicine questions from listeners for Randy James, Medical Doctor and Functional Medicine expert who addresses questions from his experience with thousands of patients striving to get past the mere symptoms of their health and discern the root cause issues so they can have true…wellness. This is my Functional Friday episode where we focus on our health and wellness so we have the physical and mental capacity to help ourselves and others. In this episode, we spend the first 25 minutes on Joe’s questions about food allergies and sensitivities with a bit of focus on children. Then Timothy asks how to address a short temper and I think you'll have your mind greatly opened to new possibilities in addressing behavioral issues overall. Last Jennifer asked about epigenetics and how to rewrite her diabetes and metabolism. She said, "I'm several years older than my family members were when they had their first heart attacks, strokes, and cancer surgeries and I'd like to add more years to that." Powerful topics you’ll gain much from. The Self-Help(ful) podcast is brought to you by Ziglar, your premier source for equipping coaches to help leaders and top performers excel professionally and personally. Visit and let them inspire your true coaching performance. Other sponsors include Peloton! Try Peloton risk free with a 30 day home trial (new members only; not available in remote locations). See additional terms at Go to and download the Zocdoc app for FREE. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Self-Help(ful)