Your Functional Medicine Questions Answered - Part 2 | Functional Friday

We continue the question and answer session from our last Functional Friday episode and here we address listener inquiries about balancing exercise in regards to our effort and always killing ourselves. Losing momentum is a big topic, as anyone with a new health & wellness initiative will…lose momentum. We address the faith you have in doing what you set out to do, how to stop nervous eating, and end with a biggie…how to kick the sugar habit. Which nobody really wants to do, including me. I’m with my fun Functional Friday co-host, Randy James, Medical Doctor and Functional Medicine expert, and just as with the last Functional Friday episode, much of what we discuss are examples Randy shares from first hand experiences with thousands of patients who pay cash to have him get to the root problems of their issues. Not everyone can get in to work with Dr James, but you can inquire at or just email them directly at  The Self-Help(ful) podcast is brought to you by Ziglar, your premier source for equipping coaches to help leaders and top performers excel professionally and personally. Visit and let them inspire your true coaching performance. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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