Your Character Is How Others Experience You

#964: What attributes distinguish you as an individual? We all judge ourselves by our intentions, while everyone else judges us by how they experience us. We don’t like that word. Judge. But we all do it. Even in as much grace and acceptance as we can muster, we still experience people in ways that attract or detract us from them, and cause us to trust or distrust them. And everyone is doing the same with us. We’re talking about our character, and after recording this show I’m going to say, our perceived character, as you’ll hear us discuss that we can’t cite what our true character is, only others can. And from it we get more or less opportunity in life and work. More or less relationships. More or less success and love even. This topic is foundational to all we want, as our perceived character is foundational for all we are. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Self-Help(ful)