Your Calling Is Not One Role | Dan Miller

#967: I wanted to talk about calling. I keep seeing people get wrapped up in trying to find…feeling they must find, this elusive, one-thing, holy grail calling on their life and I wanted to relieve the tension and pressure and showcase that our ultimate calling or purpose is not so narrow. It’s something everyone has and it’s something you do in all roles of your life. This frees you up from thinking you have one, special application to apply this…calling. And what is a true calling anyway? So I brought on one of the world’s premier experts on the subject, especially as it relates to your vocation, job, career, business…however you label it. That expert is…Dan Miller. Yes. We’re related. He’s my Dad. Bestselling author and renowned career coach of 48 Days To The Work You Love. Finding your calling and supporting it in your work is what he’s devoted his life to. You can find out more at Dig in more with each episode at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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