Training Our Self Talk

#982: I recently had Ethan Kross on the show, one of the foremost experts in controlling our minds. His new book is Chatter, The Voice In Your Head, Why It Matters, and How To Harness It. That was episode #977. Today I wanted to discuss the concept in union with self-talk and personal affirmations, made popular by none other than Zig Ziglar. Tom Ziglar and I just pulled out all the issues around these concepts and held them to the fire in an effort to help us all literally just roll up our sleeves and start working out in regards to controlling the voices in our heads and getting them working for us in our self-talk. You can get Zig’s self-talk cards free at But Tom and I hit on big ticket issues such as, how many of the voices in our heads are even our own? Why have we agreed with so many of the thoughts and beliefs floating around? Why do we tell anyone else they have more capacity and ability in them but generally don’t believe it for ourselves? Then we land on the daily exercises needed to get the voices in our heads working for us. We uncovered some aspects of this issue we were not even aware of until we got into the discussion. Join us as we take on our voices and self-talk and aim to master them. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Self-Help(ful)