The Ziglar Show is now Self-Help(ful)

Ziglar listeners, this is a special announcement. As of May 16, 2022 The Ziglar Show will have a new name and format change. It will be called Self-Help(ful), presented by Ziglar, still hosted by me, Kevin Miller and we will be increasing to three episodes per week. Our aim is to become the #1 show in the self-improvement category and help people go beyond exposure to great messages and into actual engagement and taking action on improving ourselves. There is the you, you used to be. Then there is the you you are now. You probably feel you have changed a lot. Now you are becoming the you you'll be in the future. The you, you want to be. And in truth, more than developing ourselves and improving ourselves, we really just want better results in our lives that come from our growing and changing. We want more success. More money. More health and wellness. More achievements. But even those things are not the real end result we want either. What we really want is...more fulfillment. More contentment. More satisfaction. More peace.One of Zig Ziglars most known quotes is one we don't really do justice to and take to heart, and it speaks directly to this. Zig said, You have to “Be” the right kind of person first, then you must “Do” the right things before you can expect to “Have” the things in life that really matter. That's what the Self-Help(ful) podcast, presented by Ziglar, is about. Helping you become the person who does the things that get you the things in life that really matter. To you.I'll be your guide and fellow student as I bring on the best and brightest experts and influencers in personal development and self-help and giving you more than a one shot episode with them. I'll conduct an initial episode with them to get into the heart of their story and their message. Then we'll have a part two where I expand on my past Habits episode with a Values, Motives, & Habits show to really get into what is driving these influential people, so we can gain insight into what drives us. Then I'll have a peer discussion on the topic with some cohosts, ranging from Tom Ziglar to Dr Randy James, sometimes pulling in past guests, and I may even have some listeners join me from time to time. Instead of a one episode exposure to a profound message you will get three. Soon we'll open up the Self-Help(ful) community where you can join and go even deeper.Every week we'll also be publishing a Functional Friday episode where Dr Randy James and I will give focus specifically to health and wellness from a Functional Medicine standpoint to help you get your mind and body to full capacity, as all our efforts are limited or elevated by the health and capability of our body, mind, and soul. Thanks for tuning in to The Ziglar Show for all these years, and thanks for being with us as we walk together in this expansion to the Self-Help(ful) podcast, presented by Ziglar and journey together to better, help ourselves, become and achieve what really matters to us.Kevin MillerAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

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