The Resources That Change Our Lives

#926: The only thing that makes us any different throughout our lives is the new information we are exposed to and whether it inspires us to take action on it. In this episode I share a story from Zig Ziglar about a very mediocre guy who literally, accidentally stumbled upon a personal development resource that then led to a radical, fairytale life change. From this I asked Ziglar listeners, “If you’ve gone from, “not much”, to a place you are proud of, what gave you hope and belief you could do it?” Incredible sharings from the audience. If you want to join these discussions just find and friend me on facebook at agentkmiller. Stay tuned and Tom Ziglar and I will read through listener comments and showcase the primary catalysts that result in us actually changing our lives for the better. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Self-Help(ful)