The Enoughness Deficit - How To Be Enough Without Achieving More | Peter Mutabazi Part 3 with Jared Angaza

When will you be enough? The question bothers me. I’m a fan of growing and striving and achieving and to a fair degree I feel it is a responsibility to do so. There are aspects of myself I’m not satisfied with. And yet a primary tenet of emotional health is to be ok with yourself, right now. Can you come to a place of being enough right now, even though you’re not content to just stop and coast from here on in your life? Still be an aspiring person? This is part 3 of my series on Peter Moo - tar -bar - ze who lived a horrifically abused and neglected life in Africa from his birth in a small town outside of Uganda up living on the streets till age 15, when thanks to the opportunity afforded to him by one family, he went on to attend and graduate from universities and ultimately move to America where he’s an entrepreneur, foster father, and now author of the book, “Now I am Known”. I invited my brother, Jared Angaza, to cohost with me again, as Jared spent a decade in Africa working amongst street kids like Peter. We talk a bit about his experience, but our primary discussion landed on what Jared cited as the epidemic of enoughness that seems to span all of humanity, whether you lived on the streets and slept in a sewer in Africa, or you lived in a million dollar home in Beverly Hills. Find Peter’s book, Know I Am Known, a self-help classic in my opinion, anywhere and visit to connect with Peter and his incredible story. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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