Step Up Into Challenge To Meet Who You Really Are | Lynne Twist Part 3 with Jared Angaza

As you listen right now, you are likely thinking of hearing or learning something of interest, and something that will help equip or direct you toward more of what you want from life. We are all here striving to grow and better ourselves for an end result. Otherwise you’d just be listening to music or listening to a crime or comedy show. And I’m a full out believer in this concept of learning and growing which is the point of this Self-Helpful podcast. And, I’m ever more interested in seeing a challenge or commitment catapulting our learning curve from zero to hero almost overnight and in some aspects, bypassing all this stuff. Meaning, you can listen to a year of my shows. This summer my book, “What Drives You” comes out, but you can skip that. And instead just make a big commitment to something you care about, and it will do more to shape you than any amount of content, teaching and guidance. This is the message we got from legendary visionary and humanitarian Lynne Twist in her book, "Living a Committed Life: Finding Freedom and Fulfillment in a Purpose Larger Than Yourself.” This is part 3 on Lynne and her message and I invited a special guest to co-host the discussion with me. Jared Angaza is an activist and philanthropist. He spent over a decade in Rwanda and Kenya working to pull women and children out of sex slavery. As of late he has devoted himself to the space industry, specifically Space For Humanity, and advocating the overview effect recently made famous by Star Trek celebrity William Shatner. Those are mere bookends of a life dedicated to big efforts. Jared cites Lynne Twist as a primary inspiration to his life and has lived what Lynne talks about and experienced the devotion to a cause as the most profound tool for shaping him into the kind of person who can make a world impact. Jared is also my full on blood brother. While in Africa he changed his last name from Miller to Angaza to fully embrace his purpose, passion and vision. Following is our discussion on how this message of commitment from Lynne Twist has played out in Jared’s life and the lives of others we’ve walked with. You’ll also hear some brotherly riffing on some past adventures. You can find Jared at, and of course find Lynne Twist’s book, Living a Committed Life, anywhere. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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